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Hidden Signs of Needed AC Repair in Cypress, TX

July 18, 2020

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In some cases, it’s obvious that you need AC repair in Cypress, TX! When you turn the home’s thermostat to a lower temperature and the AC never cycles on, or when it cycles on but only blows lukewarm air through the home’s vents, of course you need to call a Cypress air conditioning repair company.

However, there are some less obvious and even outright hidden signs that you need AC repair in a Cypress, TX, home. Knowing those signs can ensure that you call for repairs right away, keeping them from getting worse over time and helping to avoid a full-scale shutdown. Consider a few of those hidden or subtle signs of needed Cypress AC repairs so you know when to call a contractor.

Odd Smells Mean It’s Time for AC Repair in Cypress, TX

A homeowner should never notice odd and especially unpleasant smells coming from their home’s air conditioner. A burning smell often indicates broken parts rubbing against each other, while musty smells can mean that the compressor housing condenser drain hose is kinked or clogged. If left unchecked, these fixes only get worse and even costlier over time!

AC repair in Cypress

Some homeowners are especially sensitive to dust and airborne pollutants and might notice what they feel is a dusty smell or that of chemicals in the air. These odors can mean that it’s time to change the furnace filter, which is meant to trap and lock dust, pollen, and other airborne irritants! Upgrading to a higher quality filter is an excellent option for those especially sensitive to dust and its accompanying smell.

Call for Cypress AC Repair If You Hear Odd Sounds!

A homeowner might notice a subtle “whirring” sound coming from the AC when it cycles on, or a slight “whooshing” noise as the unit pushes air through the vents. However, you need immediate AC repair in Cypress if you hear banging, thumping, grinding, or other such odd sounds from the home’s air conditioner.

Banging and thumping sounds might indicate a loose part in the air conditioner or damaged ductwork throughout the home; ducts might bang around as air is pushed through them, which also indicates that they’re probably letting air leak through their connectors and seams. Grinding can indicate broken parts, or a motor or blower struggling to work.

ac repair cypress tx

Don’t ignore these sounds as these needed AC repairs in a Cypress home tend to just get worse, and costlier to repair, the longer they’re left unchecked! Leaking ducts also mean an increase in your home’s utility costs and added wear and tear on your home’s air conditioner and furnace.

Call for AC Repair in Cypress for Uneven Cooling

A home’s central air conditioner should be able to cool the entire home evenly, and that includes rooms far from the compressor and blower. If you notice uneven cooling and overly warm rooms and spaces, this might indicate the need for added insulation in those rooms or that those spaces are suffering from excessive sun exposure. Window film, upgraded insulation, and other such fixes can sometimes fix the issue.

However, uneven cooling can also mean that the AC blower is failing or that the unit is underpowered for your home. An air conditioner too small for the space cannot blow cold air throughout the entire home; in that case, you might need air conditioner replacement and not just repair! Whatever the case, don’t assume that rooms in your home are always going to be overly warm no matter what, but call an AC repair company in Cypress TX instead.

Tripping Circuits Means It’s Time for AC Repair in Cypress, TX

A home’s air conditioner should almost never trip its circuits; a properly wired air conditioner will be on its own circuit, with wiring to support its electrical demands. If you’re running the AC along with several other appliances such as a dishwasher, clothes washer, and entertainment center, the unit might trip the circuit breaker, but this should be a rare occurrence.

If your home’s AC does trip the circuit on a regular basis, or if you experience brownouts and slowdowns when the AC cycles on, this can indicate poor-quality wiring, frayed wiring, wiring not able to support its electrical demands, or another appliance on the same electrical circuit. An AC repair technician in Cypress or an electrician can check needed repair and rewire that AC as needed, to prevent slowdowns and overloaded circuits.

ac repair cypress tx

Improper Cycling Indicates Needed AC Repair in Cypress, TX

A homeowner should be able to set the home’s thermostat to a desired temperature and then leave the AC alone; the unit should then cycle on and off as needed to maintain that temperature. If you need to constantly adjust the thermostat just to get the unit to cycle on, or need to shut if off manually because interior spaces seem overly cold, this might indicate the need for AC repair in Cypress!

In some cases, the home’s thermostat is not reading interior temperatures properly and needs recalibrating or replacing. Frayed wiring between the thermostat and AC unit can also mean poor communication between those pieces, and improper cycling. An air conditioner fan or motor might also struggle to operate so that it doesn’t “kick on” as soon as the thermostat signals rising temperatures.

Do You Need AC Repair or Replacement?

In some cases, it might be recommended that you choose AC replacement rather than repair. For example, if your home’s current air conditioner is undersized or oversized, no amount of repairs can keep it working as it should and ensure your home is always cool and comfortable. In that case, it’s best to invest in a new air conditioner altogether.

An older air conditioner is also likely to break down completely; rather than investing money in repairs, consider replacing it after so many years. A newer air conditioner can also save you money on your utility costs, if it runs more efficiently or offers zone cooling and other such features. Your contractor can note when a new AC is a better choice than AC repair in Cypress.


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